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Cyberpunk 2077 Refunds (PC)

I rarely purchase games on release day or pre-purchase, even with enticing exclusives, but I have to admit that I bought into the hype of Cyberpunk 2077 by RD Projekt Red and pre-purchased the game on PC wanting to make use of the new PC I also bought a couple months back in October. I even purchased the game through GOG, a platform owned by RD Projekt so all the proceeds would go to them, which would go a long way for updates and possible expansions/sequels.

But even after only playing a few hours I could tell this wasn't the same game I was watching trailers for, listening to interviews, describing story and gameplay. While the PC version is not plagued with the game breaking bugs of the console versions, it still didn't perform well on my PC with crashes, and bugs/glitches the distract from the immersion. I'm sure if I revisit the game a year or two from now at $20, I would be happy with the game. I still don't believe the Metacritic scores should be as high as it is now for PC.

The intro to the Corpo lifepath, which was a main selling point for re-playability, shows how underwhelming and disappointed I was. You have this great set-up where your boss hires you to take out a business rival, and introduces some moral conflicts. But right in the next scene hired goons from this mega company, that doesn't have a problem making people disappear, just let you know that you've been fired. This was one of the laziest, strangely written intro I've ever seen in a game. Compounded with all the false promises coming out about the game, I decided to request a refund as soon as possible through support only playing about 3 hours since its release.

Even though I was only offered a refund on my GOG wallet, which still supports the company, I was fine with it since there were other games on the platform I wanted to purchase anyway. I contacted support for the refund on Dec 19th, and it wasn't until a couple days ago, the 16th of Jan, that I finally got a response back saying my refund was complete. I understand the volume and priority of their other requests, but I couldn't imagine it would take almost a month. I was assured that their refund would extend past the 30 day guarantee, but I was worried it may never come.

So for those are on the same boat as me, check your GOG wallet and you may finally see the refunds starting to roll out. Better late and as credit, than nothing at all I guess.


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