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Psychonaughts 2 - Ending Thoughts

I loved the 1st Psychonaughts game for its creativity, memorable characters, and imaginative settings. I'm glad the sequel is finally in our hands, and including the Rhombus of Ruin VR game, the story seems to have concluded in a satisfying way.

While I was hoping for an epic finale where the founding members of the Psychonaughts would unleash their powerful psychic abilities, we get a feel good ending where Raz and his new Psychonaught trainee "friends" work together to bring down the sinister threat that can unravel the entire Psychonaughts organization. I use friends in quotes because they all start out unlikeable, because they haze Raz and aren't really nice to him through a majority of the game. Which doesn't make you feel emotionally invested in their involvement by the end of the game.

While his classmates could have been handled better, I enjoyed the direction they took with Raz's family, who is talked about a lot in the first game but is given more of a focus in this game. The game's themes of family and metal trauma are heartfelt and genuine.

That brings me to one thing that I was hoping to see before the conclusion but never did. That being the absence of my favorite character from the first game, Dogen. While his sister, Sam, is one of your new classmates at Psychonaughts HQ, Dogen's head exploding powers was one of the most memorable parts of the first game.

So that being said, please enjoy this video I created to add my vision of what could have been if Dogen had tagged along with Raz for the last battle.

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