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Battle for Azeroth - My Favorite Questing Moments From 8.0-8.2 - Alliance Only

I restarted playing World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth when path 8.2 released about a month ago. This is the most time I've spent with the game, since the release of this expansion. I would return for past expansions, only to play a couple weeks to hit the level cap before moving onto something else. While I was already at 120 from the BFA release, I focused on completing the War Campaign, the new zones, and trying out the new Heart of Azeroth Essence system. While there is still a lot for me to do, these are some highlights of my favorite questing moments since my return. These quests range from patches 8.0-8.2.

War campaign - (8.2 The Legend of Mechagon) One of the things that World of Warcraft does well to draw back players with each major expansion or content patch is the new zones. Now with level boosts, heirlooms and level scaling, its possible to miss a ton of diverse areas and zone-specific story quests. The lastest Patch, 8.2 is no exception. While Nazjatar was the main focus and larger zone, my favorite area introduced in quite some time has to be Mechagon. It’s a huge scrap yard where body enhancing gnomes have slit into two factions. You aid the Rustbelt Resistance and Prince Erazmin against king Mechagon, who leads gnomes and mechs that have lost their humanity as they kept upgrading. The intro involves Tinkmaster Overspark, a popular gnome leader gaining access to the lost city, along with his gnome companions one who can sneak in her partner, a goblin.

War Campaign - (8.1.5 Retaliation Coordination) This quest also involves a gnome, this time Kelsey Steelspark. In this mission, you are searching for Kelsey and Mathias Shaw, who have gone missing while trying to spy on a meeting of horde leaders. What made me laugh out loud was while these two are supposed to be masters of espionage and gathering intel, while their cover is these crappy prop trees. Of course, their plan doesn’t go as planned and you need to help them out. Wow is at its best when its humor and charm are built into quests like these. Even the quest name Shaw’s Shank Redemption is spot on.

War Campaign - (8.2 Stay of Execution) In another war campaign quest, you work together with the horde to break Tauren leader Bain Bloodhoof out of captivity after he goes against the horde leader Sylvanus. There are a few quests like this in the war campaign that provide a dungeon feel while playing solo, but this was the best so far. You have Jaina and Shaw as companions and are even joined by Thrall and Saurfang during the 2nd half. While not difficult, it does simulate a dungeon/raid environment with multiple stages for the boss fight and satisfying cutscenes that make these quests feel polished.

(Mrrl and the Murloc Traders) Murlocks have always been the weak and unassuming, creatures I felt bad for killing because they seem so cute. In Nazjatar, the underwater-themed city, wouldn’t be complete with some Murlocks. In this quest, you find a poor, beat up Murlock that you must escort back to your base. After saving him/her it recovers and brings more friendly Murlocks to your camp opening up shop. You can’t communicate well with it and you are given a quest that requires you to purchase random supplies from these new Murlocks. The names and purpose of these items are as weird as you would expect and why Murlocks prize these objects as anything of value is anyone’s guess.

War Campaign - (8.0 Chasing Gallywix) This quest I believe from the war campaign from 8.1, where you are given information on the whereabouts of Trade Prince Gallywix, a member of the horde leadership. You, therefore, go on this mission to kill him, but not before he escapes into a portal. The portal leads into is to place called “pleasure palace”. Since he is a greedy, fat, slimeball that profits off others his ”pleasure palace” is like a luxury golf resort. Hmm, who does this remind me off? One of the quests you complete while here is sabotaging, and killing the guests enjoying themselves at this resort. You eventually reach price Gallywix, but after you defeat him it turns out to be an imposter in a fake suit, and the real Prince Gallywix flys off in a ship.

(Dark Iron Recruitment Scenario) One of my favorite questlines has to be those for unlocking allied races. While time-consuming, and requiring you to log in daily to farm reputation with the faction, these quests to welcome the new allied races to the alliance didn’t disappoint. For the Dark Iron Dwarfs you need to get Exalted with the 7th Legion, which is probably the easiest of all the factions since you gain rep for quests related to the war campaign and any quest on Zandalar. The Dark Iron Dwarfs for anyone who played Vanilla Wow, were a race of dwarfs that lived in block rock mountain in the service of Ragnoros the Firelord. This quest takes you back to Blackrock mountain to use the Black Anvil. While the Dark Iron Dwarfs are now joining the alliance, there is still a group of radical dark iron dwarfs led by this guy, High Justice Grimstone who still hopes to resurrect Ragnoros. And you can even see the top of his head in the background.

(Kul Tiran Recruitment Scenario) The quest to recruit the Kul’tirans into the alliance is equally as satisfying. Your mission is to help Jaina build a new ship, and find a crew to present to Lord Anduin. The quest has you returning to the three different factions within Kul’tirus that you united to get help to build and man the new vessel. Not only are the missions diverse, but you also meet Dorian Atwater who is a mastership builder and commander of elementals. There is even an optional dialogue that has you ask if she is a shaman, but she doesn’t even know what that is. Then at the end of this quest, you are given a choice, out of a few options, of what you want to name the ship. There were only two times during this expansion, and in recent memory, when Wow has given me such a permanent choice. And of course, I had to go with Anduins Wrath.

(Arthur Tradewind) There are two instances where you get to speak with Arthur Tradewind. He is a Kulturian druid who is companions with Thornspeaker Birchgrove, in Drustvar. This main purpose is to escort you to Ulfar, who is the Elder Thornspeaker capable of dispelling the evil magic in the wood you collected to build Anduin’s ship from the previous quest line. To get to Ulfar’s cave Arthur Tradewind gives you ride on his back. While you have to read the dialogue he talks about gossip, wanting a goat form for druids, and overall being the type of person at a gathering or public space that keeps talking while you nod your head trying to be polite while trying to find a way to leave the conversation. A strange character and his upbeat attitude is a contrast to the seriousness of Drustvar.

(Curse of Jani) I’ve encountered two instances of this interaction with a Ghost lizard named Jani. There appears a little shrine that looks like this, and when you interact with it your character is almost put into an alternate realm and you see the spirit of Jani, Loa of Scavengers. It transforms you into a little Saurid and gives you tasks to carry out a prank on an unsuspecting NPCs while trying not to be detected. In this mission you are tasked with leaving a stink bomb for Hemet Nesingwary, and while he is distracted steal one of his boots. I’m sure there are more scattered in Zandalar for you to find, but they seem to involve messing with members of your faction.

( Xal’atath Questline) This quest may not be as funny as the other quests on this list, but it is the strangest and will have some part to do with N’Zoth and his part in an upcoming expansion. N’Zoth is an old god similar to C’thug or Yogg-Saron, both of which has already been defeated in previous states in the game. In this questline you find an artifact called Xal’atath, blade of the black empire, that speaks to you and you feel something evil about its presence from the beginning. You follow the long questline by gathering items and powering it. Eventually, the voice takes the form of this etherial Void Elf, who continues to tell you to complete more quests. You end up following her wishes and end up at this cave. Of course, it’s a trap and N’Zoth curses you with the item “the eye of N’zoth”. While you have this item on you can only see other players and NPCs who have this curse, as well as hear whispers and specific interactions with N’Zoth. You can follow the questline and remove the curse, but this was another permanent choice that cannot be undone when removed. I kind of regret removing it as I want to see what special interactions it will present in the future.

I hope you guys enjoyed this list. Let me know what your favorite quests are so far in Battle for Azeroth. Of course, these are all from the Alliance side, so let me know some highlights from the Horde side too.

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