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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Switch) - Chapter 2 Disappearing Troll Bug

This is a video for those running into a bug in the second chapter of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons recently released on the Switch.

You encounter this bug when trying to escort this troll from point a to point b. Hopefully, this video will save you some time, it’s not some puzzle and I only found one workaround after wasting quite a bit of time on it myself.

The bug occurs when you cross this gate’s threshold and the troll disappears. There is an invisible wall that prevents you from moving further without the troll accompanying you. It doesn’t matter which character you lead with, or how far apart they are.

What should happen if you don’t encounter the bug is a short cut scene once you cross that threshold as seen in this clip. Unfortunately, everything I tried, including using different controllers, restarting at the previous checkpoint, and trying in both docked and handheld mode did not trigger the correct scenario.

The only thing that worked was exiting the game to the main menu and restarting the entire chapter from the beginning. On the bright side, it shouldn’t take you too long because the chapters are short anyway. The only thing I did differently this time around was walk through this pool of water for luck. Once you get back to the gate you should be able to walk through fine and trigger the next part of the level.

Hope you all found this video helpful. Give the video a thumbs up of this worked for you or let me know in the comments below if there is a simpler way for those still stuck that doesn’t involve restarting the chapter.

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