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Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a 2.5hr Movie

After being disappointed with Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games for the last decade, I made a vow not to buy into hype of what Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be. After purchasing it on sale recently I have to give credit to Square Enix for creating a the remake fans have been clamoring for, and at the same time providing a fun entertaining experience. While the story is left open to stumble and become an unfocused mess down the road, this first entry provided a lot of fan service, updated combat, and top notch quality during my 50+ hour experience.

As a kid playing the original FF7, one of my favorite parts was watching the cutscenes and cinematics. FF7 Remake feels like FF Advent Children at times, with a lot of great action moments. Which got me thinking, what would FF7R be like if it was a movie? So I gave myself a 2.5hr time limit, and crammed as much as I could for a complete story. I hope you enjoy the results!


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