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CyberPowerPC - Customer Support Experience

Today I wanted to do a follow-up for my Pre-built Cyberpower PC impressions video because that got a lot of view/comments. If you haven’t seen that I’ll link to the post below:

The reason I wanted to make this video, was to highlight my experiences with CyberPowerPC's customer service. After I made my previous video I played those games that I got free with the video card, such as Assassins Creed: Valhalla, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, and Godfall released. And while I was happy with the PC before then, I realized that some crashing issues I mentioned before became significantly worse on these newer games.

I couldn’t play Assassins Creed Valhalla for more than 5-10 minutes without it crashing randomly on a greenscreen resulting in a forced auto reboot, or my screen blinking green when playing Godfall. And just random infrequent crashes playing less demanding games like World of Warcraft or Fortnite became more and more frustrating.

I looked everywhere on the web and YouTube for workarounds, updating drivers, uninstalling/reinstalling everything suggested until I just decided to contact CyberpowerPC for a replacement graphics card because it seemed like that was the issue.

Calling the support line, I was connected to a person pretty quickly, no longer than what’s expected when I call my bank to talk to a person. I described my issue and told the support rep what was happening, and why I suspected it was the graphics card, and what I already tried. I was surprised that within a couple minutes that he agreed it was most likely a faulty graphics card, without doubting what I said, or giving those same workarounds I found everywhere else. Another replacement graphics card, the exact same make/model as my PC would be shipped out. I live in Socal, and the rep even knew things about my hometown as he tried to fill in some wait time as he processed the request on his end.

After I placed the request, I was still trying to figure out workarounds to see if anything would work, since I wanted to play Assassins creed Valhalla. That’s when I got a comment on my initial video from a user who suggested a video to help with the crashes I was having with my graphics card. I’ll link the video in the description, because after following it, it resolved all my problems with crashing, blinking, and even OBS not recording normally.

It turned out it was just a software problem with drivers I had to install a specific manual way instead of the recommended way for most graphics cards or using the AMD software. I don’t really understand why but I was just happy it worked. Since the replacement graphics card was already on its way, I decided to continue testing the fix to see if I can into any other issues, which It didn’t.

The replacement graphics card arrived quickly within a week since I live in Socal and it shipped from the city of industry. It was delivered by UPS in a foam block, rapped in an antistatic plastic bag, with a return label provided. I did need to provide my credit card number for them to store just in case I didn’t return the original graphics card, which I had 2 weeks to return. I tested out both the original and new graphics card and they both ran equally as well after the workaround I mentioned.

I returned the original graphics card with the same box the replacement one came it, taking it to a UPS store and the process was easier than I expected. I even got an unexpected free gift, a CyberpowerPC mousepad, that they sent along with the replacement graphics card as a small token of appreciation. I do feel a bit guilty that they paid for shipping 2ways, and separate shipping for the mousepad, for something that was as simple as a driver issue and not a hardware problem. But a couple times now, I’ve seen the PC go on sale at Bestbuy and was kicking myself for not waiting a bit to save $200. The mousepad is great and I actually use it, since my cheap Ikea desk has some water damage what makes the surface bumpy.

Since I got the replacement graphics card and I haven’t had any crashes, restarts, or blinking screens when playing games. Except on Cyberpunk 2077, but I decided to refund that game and wait for all the bugs/glitches to be worked out.

I had a positive experience with CyberpowerPC’s Customer service and happy with my purchase. While looking at reviews prior to buying this PC I was concerned with some people having issues. But those seem to be an unlucky small group, and of those most are probably software issues like mine. I know a lot of people hate going through the hassle of customer service and would take it as a loss, and never buy from that company again. So those having issues with this PC that can no longer return it to BestBuy, I encourage you to make use of the one-year warranty from CyberpowerPC as they seem from my experience to make it as pain-free as possible.

I hope this video/post was helpful, and feel free to leave a comment on how your experience with CyberPowerPC customer service has been. The comments from the last video were great, and I wouldn’t have solved my issue without it, so I appreciate all those that take the time to give suggestions, opinions, and feedback. Thanks for watching or reading, and hope to see you on my next video/post.


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