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PS5 Reveal Event and Showcase - My Impressions and Games I'm Exited For

Today's PS5 - The Future of Gaming Show was highly anticipated with everyone looking forward to the hardware and games that would be shown off. There were quite a few leaks that predicted many of the reveals, but watching the live event earlier today was definitely a great alternative to E3 that would have taken place around this time. Here is my impressions of the show and some titles I am looking forward to.

Before I get into the hardware and software, I wanted to give my opinion on the format. While big events like E3 do allow for more hands on or in-depth previews and interviews, I preferred this presentation way more than having to watch a standard PlayStation event that they would put on for E3. It was straightforward, and didn't have annoying pauses after every announcement or trailer where the crowd would cheer and the camera would pan over the exclusive "press" members who act like they were doing a reaction video for their YouTube channel. I prefer Nintendo Directs because it is similar to this format, and hope they stick to this format over traditional E3 reveals.

The biggest announcement, which was saved for last, was the reveal of the PS5's new design. Based on the new controller revealed months ago, we knew that the color scheme was going to take a different direction than past hardware updates. In my opinion, I think that the design looks great and is a welcomed change. While I was disappointed that the price and release date was not shown during the show, I was surprised by the two models along with different accessories that were also revealed. The PS5 Digital Edition, does not include an optical drive for the HD Blu-ray disks, and is a little slimmer because of it. I buy most of my games digitally, which I prefer to physical copies, and if this also leads to a cheaper cost on launch I'm all for it. While accessories were also announced, the most significant was the HD camera. I hope they make use of this in their games, instead of just a standard webcam.

While the event was centered around the PS5 official reveal, there were also a handful of PS5 games that I was really excited about. Here are a couple that stood out.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart - While I haven't followed most of the franchise, I did play the most recent one on the PS4. This new title takes the same weapon variety, colorful characters/environments, and adds a really neat mechanic of warping through space rifts.

Resident Evil 8: Village - I really enjoyed the Resident Evil 7, and this looks to be a direct sequel, following with the main character Ethan. First person games traditionally haven't been my favorite, but if it includes the same focus on exploration, horror, and mystery while not becoming too action heavy I'm sure to enjoy it.

Pragmata - This new sci-fi game, not releasing until 2022 looks like Death Stranding, and can't tell much about it just from this trailer.

Deathloop: Arkane studio's new game, has a feel similar to Dishonored. It showcases what I enjoyed most about the Dishonored series which was combing powers in creative ways to take out your enemies. I'm eager to learn more about the story, but the art style and music has me really intrigued.

It seems like most of the games shown are slated for a 2021 release, with Godfall and a couple smaller titles being released alongside the PS5 hardware. I'm still trying to determine if the PS5 would be a day 1 purchase for me, since I know once pre-orders go online they will sell out quickly due to the anticipated shortages.

There were a lot of games I didn't mention and may create more posts or update this one to talk about those. But let me know what game you're most looking forward to on the PS5.

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