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My Top 10 Games From E3 2019

Video above and below is the written version with the game trailers.

10) Final Fantasy 7 Remake A New trailer showing more combat, characters, and use of ATB meter. I like the more tactical approach and being able to pause combat, but it also reminds me of the hopes I had for Final Fantasy 15. Which turned out to be a good looking piece of hot garbage.

9) 12 Minutes This indie game describes itself as an interactive narrative that incorporates a fragmented structure like the film Memento. I love indie titles that take risks and explore styles that you don't see often, or at all. The top-down perspective also sets this game apart visually, and the voice acting takes it to another emotional level.

8) Luigi's Mansion 3 (Switch, release 2019) Luigi has stolen the spotlight from Mario this E3 with a new ghost hunting adventure. I played Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon on the 3DS and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. With all the charm of Mario games with new ghost sucking mechanics, this is one of my most anticipated Switch games.

7) Blair Witch: This was a surprise that I wasn't expecting. The original movie was groundbreaking in its found footage style, and I loved how terrifying it was while barely showing anything. I've been searching for a great suspenseful/psychological, horror game since Alan Wake.

6) Psychonauts 2: While it was great to see new footage of this sequel, the big announcement came when it was revealed that Double Fine Productions has been acquired by Microsoft Game Studios. I was disappointed and wished they would stay independent since this could effect exclusivity, and jeopardize the game development team in the long run. But I'm excited about the polish, talent, and the undeveloped projects Double Fine will be able to create now with Microsoft's backing.

5) Dying Light 2 Despite not having played the first Dying Light, after seeing footage of the game at last years E3 this looks to improve upon the game in every aspect. Also incorporating so many methods to approach a situation and branching storylines, I can't wait to play this game.

4) Cyberpunk 2077: New gameplay footage and release date for the game was shown. But what stole the show was Keanu Reeves revealed that he will be part of the game. The game looks great, but I hope they are not revealing too much of the story. I did like how they showed the male protagonist in this new trailer.

3) The Outer Worlds: Because of the same development team, Many are comparing this game to Fallout: New Vegas but in space. Obsidian Entertainment is known for their quality RPGs, and the focus on player choice from the new trailer has me anticipating all the different ways to enjoy the game.

2) Elden Ring (Xbox One, PS4, & PC) This newly announced game with a world created Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin, developed by FromSoftware, and produced by Namco Bandai is sure to be a powerhouse. While no in-game footage was shown, this is sure to one of the last big games of this console generation.

1) Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch, release TBD) Saving the best for last, the sequel to BotW is by far my most anticipated game coming out of E3 this year. Even with the popularity of the game, I didn't see this coming. While Nintendo rarely does make direct sequels to their main franchises like Zelda, Mario, or Splatoon, I didn't think we would see another Zelda game until a new console. Another reason to love the Switch.

Let me know if the comments section below if you agree with this list. What would you include in your top 10?

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